Sunday, August 10, 2014

NDP 2014 @ The Promotory @ Marina Bay

HAPPY 49TH BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE!!! Really proud to be a Singaporean~ 

Haizx, once again no chance to get the actual NDP tickets. 
But getting the NTUC ticket is also not bad because we can enjoy the fireworks without squeezing with the crowds. 
However there are some inconsiderate people who stand up and block the people who are sitting behind them. Show your butt to us for what? Not very nice also. 

Almost everyone in red shirt, except for us being so off the dress code.
But I am wearing white, so shouldn't be so bad. HAHHAHAH.

Our mostly snacks dinner.

The red lions.
Every year for NDP, I would always love to watch the marching part.
I love to see how neat the guard of honours and those higher ranks ones marching pass.
I also love seeing guys in those smart uniforms looking tall and smart.

 Our annual affair with the helicopter.

Candle session to represent unity.

 Post NDP after party.

The night view is super pretty.
Especially that building which has animated lights.
So pretty if all buildings are like that, it might attract more crowds.

Had video the 2 sessions of fireworks.
Looking through them, I still can't decide which few to share.
Many are pretty so might as well just screenshot the prettier ones.
Really love the smartphone function for being able to video and take photos at the same time.

Anyway there are a lot of foreigner workers crowding around Marina at such occasion.
I missed those past times when everyone around me are Singaporean.
I really feel very upset when I saw non-Singaporean who are able to obtain the tickets for the NDP shows.
I feel that the tickets should only be restricted to Singaporean and it should be our privilege to be able to watch NDP live every year. Any excess tickets then give them.
Try harder next year to watch NDP live at the sport hub. *Pray hard*

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