Sunday, August 03, 2014

Singapore Jurong Bird Park 2014.

Last been to Singapore Jurong Bird Park in 2011.

Time files, the lorries there are growing bigger and less cuter.
I also realise business has dropped a lot, still a lot of tourists but not as crowded.
I guess all have flocked to the River Safari. People are always attracted to new stuffs.
To me, Singapore Zoo is still the best place to roam around.

 Last time used to see crowds queueing up to take photos with the birds.
The crowd are gone.

Peach flamingo.

Light pink flamingo.

Walking by the lake.

Big birds feeding session.

The big red mouth bird.

Nice blue bird.

Nice yellow bird.

 The attention seeker bird.

Hate the cage that make my camera unable to focus.

 The photographer lane.
After that I came to know that they are a family of 3 with the same bag, same equipment and same passion.

 Blue eye parrot.

This bird is one of a noisy one.
Screaming at it top of the lung.

Nice color bird.

I am pretty isn't it?

It will gave you glaring stare.

 Buddy had a fun playing with the disinfectant map.


They look like bodyguard.

 Spotted a rare guest - the beautiful peacock.

 Rare spotting of an orange bird.

Having fun snapping.

This girl having fun again with the disinfectant map again.

The scarlet ibis coloured the tree red.

 Tiger choo choo train?

Duckling zebra crossing.

Zipper teeth pouch.
The black one has gold teeth.

Moo moo table.

The beautiful blue sky while waiting for bus.

After which we had dinner at Old Town cafe.

So long never drop by Jurong Point, there is this lane that imitate Hong Kong.
Love the colourful signboard, if this were be on the actual street it would be great.
I really love countries that have bustling busy street from evening till early morning time.

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