Monday, June 08, 2015

2015 Genting Highlands (30 May to 1 June)

Didn't really took much photos because my initial idea was to go there for relaxation and disconnection.

Day 1:
Wake up super early in the morning and board the coach bus to Malaysia customs.
We booked WTS coach bus and make a wrong decision for booking it during holiday because lots of Singaporeans were travelling there.

Had a few short stops to relieve our bladder and for some snacks.
Really enjoyed myself with the steamed peanuts and honey baked sweet potatoes. I seldom buy such food in Singapore even though they have it in pasar malam.

Greeted by the beautiful sunrise but dirty window.

Reached Genting with hazy and rain.
Love the super cooling weather but it didn't last long.
Most of the time we feel hot.

Instead of waiting for the free shuttle bus, we took taxi up with a cost of RM15.
Cheap if you have 4 people cause you can share among.

They also offer one day trip which we got scammed there. RM200 for one day tour. Never will I go to the one day tour again because it was boring. Go once is enough.

Checked in to First World Hotel with no wifi. :(
Everything have to add money one.
But the hotel room is quite nice thou. Clean and filled with lots of bright color.
This should be the way to eliminate the spooky feel.

Food in Genting is really boring and we seriously don't know what to eat. Food there is expensive and not so delicious.
We had steamboat for dinner. One try and I am not going back there anymore.
After dinner, we went around shopping. Chanced upon the fortune telling shop at first world plaza.
I would go for it when I return next time.

Day 2, we had breakfast at a dim sum restaurant. 
Quite yummy but service very slow. 
So you must have all the time to eat there. 

Later on, we begin our one day tour. 

First stop: Chocolate shop
A place for you to spend and sample. 
Boring place. 

Second stop: Bees farm 
A place for you to spend only. 
Boring place.

A very super tiny black snake. 

Third stop: Strawberry farm, lavender farm and a spending maze. 
A place for you to waste lots of time. 
Should go only when there is full blooming of strawberries. 

Fourth stop: Lunch at mid-hill restaurant

Fifth stop: French village
Waste time, waste admission fee of RM12 per adult. 

Sixth stop: Rabbit and deer farm
Admission fee of RM3. 
A fun place for kids. 

A family of deers.

Seventh stop: Dinner at mid-hill restaurant

Finally back to hotel and the enjoyable thing is to go Casino and play jackpot. 
However the smoking smell there is too strong. 
I would love to go back there again with a mask. 
I used to go there before where there are lesser smoke smell but I am not sure where already. 
Only used RM20 to play, not shiok enough. 

Day 3, started my day with some noodles from the small budget cafe below hotel. 
The food there is seriously not delicious! 
My Korean instant noodles may taste better. 

Started my day with a cup of Starbucks drink with lots of cinnamon to make me feel at home. 

After that head back home and very unfortunately fall sick. 
Luckily this had nothing to do with supernatural. 

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