Monday, November 16, 2015

Taiwan Aug 2015 - 18 Aug - Day 1 & 2

First time on Jetstar. Budget seat with limited room space. Nothing much to complain because of the cheap price. This trip is with bff, her younger sister and her younger sister friend. So we are 2 big sisters looking after 2 young ones. 

We managed to book cheap flight tickets because it is the 7th lunar month. But I don't have the feel of the festive in Taiwan. It is also cheaper because it is the hottest month. 

We had midnight flight. Didn't get to sleep much and feeling really super tired.
Waking up to pretty sunrise~ Love sunrise and sunset~

Had breakfast at the foodcourt below the airport. The porridge is heavenly nice~ Century egg yum~ Love the charging station too. There are many such stations around the airport.

Our Mustache theme Airbnb for the next few days.

We choose the upper deck bed. Wrong choice because my luggage was heavy to carry up and dangerous to carry down. At that time I am thinking, I need a man in my life. XD
We had an hour or so nap before we head out again. Midnight flight is so tiring. First day shouldn't plan anywhere far or tedious. Should plan it light, relaxing and nearby without travelling much.

First stop to miniature museum.

Second stop to toilet bowl theme restaurant. Decoration wise is excellent and pretty but the food doesn't taste nice lei.

Third stop to Taipei 101.
Super pretty view there with just nice pretty sunset~
Will come back again for clearer and prettier views~

Fourth stop to Raohe street night market 饶河夜市.

Top right pepper biscuits 胡椒饼 and bottom left QQ waffles 麦格问 definitely must try! Regret for not buying a dozen waffles back. Next trip mission. XD

And the white bitter gourd juice is really good. Good for health too!

And that's all for day 1~ Good night~

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