Saturday, February 06, 2016

Bangkok Jan 2016 - 14 Jan to 17 Jan

Day 1 - Thursday 14 Jan.

On the way to gate and saw some pretty purple flowers along the way.

And this gaming social tree. LOL!

First time taking Airasia plane. Legroom for myself.

Upon reaching, the queue for meter taxi not very long, so we queued for it and arrived at Centre Point Pratunam Hotel. So glad to be upgraded to connecting deluxe room.
One big bed for myself!!!

After which we went to have dinner near Central World mall those roadside Zi Char stall.
This time round, I went with my Mum and her colleagues.
They are very daring. I didn't expect myself to have chance to try roadside food.
Delicious and excellent memories and experiences. :)
There are so many first time in this trip which let me rediscovered Bangkok!

After which we went Naraya. Always thought things there are expensive and not nice. But the mini purses there are really cute and nice. :D
After that we went to the famous four faced Buddha temple to have a look and then we shopped toward Big C supermarket and then to the night market in front of Palladin.

Day 2 - Friday 15 Jan


To save cost, we didn't bought breakfast option from the hotel.
So here we are at the Saeb Saeb wanton noodle shop.
Eating there is not so worth it now.
Now per bowl cost 100baht instead of 50baht.
However I will still go back there to share a bowl of wanton mee with others and to had the super delicious big intestines. I am missing it so much now!!!

Even though it is 100baht, noodles had abit more and they added lots of crab meats inside.
I still prefer the simple basic wanton mee thou.

Happened to saw this. Gonna try it tomorrow for breakfast!

After some shopping at the pratunam morning market, we return back hotel with coconut jelly to cool ourselves.

Then we rest a bit and went to Platinum mall for shopping and light lunch.

Shopping shopping shopping...
Then we had Din Tai Fung for dinner.
The difference is they don't serve free tea like in SG and Taiwan. Whyyyyyy?!

 Didn't took much photo of it because it looks like in SG.

Back in hotel to put our stuffs before we went out for leg massage.
Leg massage in this area is not good. It is expensive by 50baht and they have unnecessary last 10mins for neck and shoulder massage. Their strength is far too weak and not professional. And they don't have my favourite leg scrub. Still prefer the one beside Budacco hotel.

After which we went for more shopping again~

Day 3 - Saturday - 16 Jan

Breakfast - Snoopy burger, taste not bad. Look cool also.

Off to Chatuchak market and headed for coconut ice cream~

This mango snack is super good!!! Spicy and fragrant!!!
Will go back for it next time.

 On taxi back hotel to rest a bit.

Mum favourite corn. Best to bought it for snack on plane.

And this roadside fried drumstick is super delicious!!!

Dinner at roadside stalls again.
We were served with a plate of raw vegetables which we don't know what is it for?
We asked the staffs, they also don't know what we talking but only laughed. HAHAHAH!

 Day 4 - Sunday - Jan 17

The cup with wings at lobby.

Had crepes for breakfast!
Ordered something with sausages with ham with chili sauce and mayo sauce.
I think the sauces are super unnecessary.
Next time I will order plain crepes from them.

This floss thing is really nice. Can ask them add if you want to try.

Another serving of big intestines again!!!
So yummy!!!

Did some stupid leg scrubbing before heading home.
Don't know what sort of leg scrubbing service is it. Waste time and money.

 Starbucks before heading home~

LOL @ don't know who is that!

Back in SG and back to reality!!!
Next time I want to try Victory monument boat noodles!

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