Saturday, December 31, 2016

Last day of 2016

Today is the last day of 2016. Always feel really grateful for a good year well spent.
In 2016, I went Japan with bestie and 3 small trips. Until now I am still missing the warmed tamago that I ate in Japan conveyor belt. Looking back at my photos, I realized I went BKK twice this year. LOL! The only thing I still have not accomplished is travelling with my love. One day I believe I am able to achieve it.

Attended a very spectacular traditional Indian wedding. Met many new friends, increased my network and went for many food hunts and interesting places in SG. Hence my weight have been going up or keeping stable. Was feeling lucky to be able to attend NDP live twice in the new location; Sports hub.

This is also the year I learned to detach from my Mum outing gang and found my own nua-ing gang to kill time. However I still prefer to kill all my time with my love. Developed a few interests but have yet to get started on them. Most probably 2017 is the year to stop procrastinating and get started on them!

Happy new year if you are reading this! Wish you have a good 2017 ahead!

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