Saturday, March 01, 2008

Relaxing in Heaven~ :)

I just saw my horoscope just now in a chain message.
It was sent by Ching ru.
It says:

SAGITTARIUS - The Happy-Go-Lucky One
- Good-natured optimist. TRUE
Even though i get a very lousy O level point, i do not feel sad at all.
I failed my English retake O level again, i do not feel sad at all too.
Even if i am sad, the time will still move on.
Even if i am happy, the time will also move on.
So why don't i choose a much more happier way to pass my time.
- Doesn't want to grow up (Peter Pan Syndrome). TRUE
I think that i am still not yet ready to face the adults.
I know that there are many evil people around.
They are always hiding behind the mask.

- Indulges self. TRUE
Today i just went out and eat good food, buy got things.
I really bear to part with my money.
If i am able or want to spend my money, i will spend it on good things.

- Boastful. TRUE
I was scolded many times by my parents that i always speak like a rich person.
They always say i speak so cleverly.
I only speak what is in my mind and my personal opinions.
My friend also speaks like me.
Their parents also never say them.
I speaks like how i should, none of friend ever reprimand me about anything.
Generation gap existed.

- Likes luxuries and gambling. TRUE but not really gambling.
I admit that i truly adore branded things.
Branded bags, branded clothings, branded cars.
Anything that is expensive and nice.
Most expensive things that i came across are nice and long lasting.
As for the gambling part, i always object my parents to go buy lottery.
When i grow older, i will not be so addicted to lottery.
But i am not sure wheather in future am i able to control myself from gambling.

- Social and outgoing. HALF-HALF
I am quite anti-social if i met someone who is quite socialable.
I will be more socialable when i met someone who is anti-socialable.
I don't know why i have such behaviour.
When going out, i will only go out with people i am comfortable with.
I will never go out with anyone whom i don't know.

- Doesn't like responsibilities. NOT SURE
I not really sure what this means. :S

- Often fantasizes. TRUE
I will always fantasize that i am a daughter of a rich family.
Being in a rich family will have a maid to serve me.
I also does not need to do housework.
I can be relax at home.

- Impatient. TRUE
When i am hungry, i will can't wait and snatch anything i can find to eat.
There was once when i am sleeping, i was very very very hungry suddenly.
It was unbearable.
The only food/snacks left in my room was mashmallow.
I bring it to my bed and swollow everything up.

- Fun to be around. TRUE
When i am with my friend, i will always want to make them laugh.
Once i successfully make them laugh, i will feel very happy and contented.
I will always get them involved in my madness too.

- Having lots of friends. HALF-HALF
I don't mind having lesser friends or more friends.
I just ensure myself to have someone i trust wherever i go.

- Flirtatious. HALF-HALF
I don't flirt.
Maybe i do, i am also not sure. :S

- Doesn't like rules. TRUE
I don't like obeying something that i sometimes can't.
My mood changes very quickly and easily.
Now my working required me to stand.
I dislike that very much and i keep scolding myself for choosing such job.

- Sometimes hypocritical. TRUE
I always pretend.
I will scold my mother sometimes that she is so dirty to do this and that,
then she will reprimand me that i am not that hygience either. =.=

- Dislikes being confined - tight spaces or even tight clothes. TRUE
During the SARS period, i gotten sick because of staying at home too long.
I dislike wearing tight clothes because i think it make me feel cheap to show out all my body line.
I wear what i feel comfortable with.

- Doesn't like being doubted. NOT SURE.
I not really sure what this means. :S

- Beautiful inside and out. HALF-HALF
Sometimes i think i look beautiful but sometimes i look ugly.
I think that i am too thin because i am unable to eat during breakfast.
I have no appetize at that time.
I know that breakfast is the most meal of the day but if i eat something then i will have diarrhoea.
It will be hard to find toilet if i am outside so i won't eat to avoid diarrhoea.

Seriously i love my horoscope~ XD

Today i went to many places.
Bedok, Ang mo kio, Bedok reservoir.
I bought a black short for work,
a blue dress for next year CNY
and a black socking.
So elated about it.
Top 20 clothings quite nice but a bit expensive.
But i still buy! =.=
Today was an enjoyable outing! <3 *****[20 working days left]*****

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