Thursday, February 21, 2008

RP outing to National Museum. Excited!

Went to National Museum.
It was so fun plus it is FOC!
This CE activity is very worth it. :P

1st stop: Singapore History MuseumBefore we went in, we were given -
1 ticket each for admission to all exhibition,
1 ipod companion [act like a tour guide] [not FOC!],
1 worksheet [3 questions to complete].

Inside the museum was about Singapore history,
those boring stuffs about wars, how those people lived in the past, how they occupied themselves, who was the first president of Singapore and the list goes on.

There was no real tour guide to lead us, we only have the companion.
There will be number on the floor and on the resources.
We just have to key in the numbers and we can see or hear the description.
Damn cool and high-technology using it.
Never took any photos here because i was busy listening to my companion.

2nd stop: Greeks museum
We admissed using the same ticket.
Inside was full of displayed Greeks statue.
Most of them were naked because it was to comfirm their gender.
This time round facilitators acted as the tour guide.
There was this corner where there were three tables of Backgammon game.
We returned to played that before we headed home.
It was fun and interesting. >.<

We are like tourists! >.<

Her necklace was an add-on. Before that, her head broke and so the necklace was there to cover the amendment. SPECIAL EXCUSES. hehhehe... XD By the way, the necklace suited her!
Her dress was so beautiful! XD

3rd stop: food, wayang, photography, fashion & filming museum
The food part had provide some specimen for visitors to smell.
Interesting. :P
The wayang part was full of blink blink shiny wayang costumes.
From top to bottom.
I love things that are blink blink and shiny.

Now wayang costumes are not so shiny and glamour anymore. :(
The photography part had many nice ancient chairs and some nice photos.

This curtain was nice. There were many on the scene. It looked nice and elegant!

Olden days camera. That was so huge compared to now. Technology are so advanced now. People now are so fortunate! XD

It look elegant and interesting.
They way the photos were took were expressive for me to imagine many things.
The fashion part had interesting songs.
Those olden days pop songs were cute and funny.
Can't stop laughing.
Too bad i forgotten the titles. :(
The filming part was damn scary.
We saw the scary film on the screen and were frightened.
After that we quickly escape and therefore that trip was INCOMPLETED! :(

Overall the trip was an enjoyable one.
Very worth the outing.

Tomorrow gonna return back to work.
SIANX to the max.
Hopefully tomorrow will be a good day and time will flies. :P

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