Friday, February 22, 2008

BAD > Good~ :D

Read many different views about my horoscope yesterday.
All said that i will have a bad day in my workplace. :(

Half accurate, i had a bad day in the first half of the day.
As usual, i was screwing the nuts.
The first day, i was given a good screwdriver.
Today i was given a KILLER one.
Due to that the surface was too smooth and slippery, many thick rubber band was tied onto it. Friction was produced which cause my skin to have blisters.
It was on the thumb, so block my way and so pain.
Damn disgusting! YUCK!

Halfway through the day, the male supervisor called me to help him.
The task he assigned was much more interesting and relaxed. :)
I hope i can help him for the rest of my days there. :P
Today got my staff pass, so style and cool!
Feel that i am part of the company, SENSE OF BELONGING! :D

During one of the break time, Yiping cried. T.T
Wonder was that her exact name? :x
Anyway, we were in the same batch.
She cried bacause she broke her nail.
That was pain and she cried very bitterly. T.T
I wonder how she broke it? :S
She caught many people attention! :S
Luckily i never grow my nails. :P
I want but i always pluck it off.
FAILED in growing beautiful nails. :+)

Finally tomorrow and the day after no work.

I can stay up late to watch my favourite HELL KITCHEN! He is the fiercest chef that i have ever came across!


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