Saturday, February 23, 2008


I am looking forward to school reopen.
I am so desperate now~
I want to start lessons now.
My course is Biomedical Sciences.

My modules consist of [2nd year sem 1 only]:
- A222 Molecular and Cell Biology
- A221 Microbiology
- A201 Applied Chemistry I
- A103 Anatomy and Physiology

A222 Molecular and Cell Biology
= how a cell functions
= understanding of the processes that have to take place at the molecular level
= ultrastructure of cells, enzyme systems, cell division, protein synthesis, cellular transport mechanisms and cell death
= understanding of molecular events

A221 Microbiology
= basic understanding of micro-organisms
= prokaryote cell structure and function, classification, viruses and fungi, growth and regulation, environmental factors affecting growth, microbial genetics and microbial evolution = techniques in microbiology, including microscopy, staining, size measurement, cell enumeration, media preparation, the isolation and cultivation of pure cultures, and aseptic technique
= industrial application of microbes

A201 Applied Chemistry I
= chemical principles and techniques applied in the chemical industry, biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry and material sciences
= principles of organic chemistry where structure function relationships will be emphasized; electrochemistry; and physical chemistry including an introduction to thermochemistry and chemical equilibrium
= Basic laboratory procedures

A103 Anatomy and Physiology
= architecture of the human body
= focus on cardiovascular, respiratory, gastro-intestinal, sensory, and endocrine systems

I have entered the correct course! XD
It say want to transfer to my course.
Reason is because the cut-off-points is lower. =.=
I wonder if it choose the course is because of the cut-off-points or because of it own passion in that course.
Since it choose it, it should stick to it no matter what happens.
I wonder what is it thinking? 0.o

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