Thursday, March 06, 2008


Today while i was doing my work halfway, i was called by my Leader to stop help Shan Shan.
I thought i ruined the product and so she don't want me to help anymore.
I was at lost at that time.
But after that, she complained to the Supervisor that Mei Mei(fatso) and Ai Zhen(thick lip) were happily chatting away and hence neglected their work.
Their speed were slow like snail.
These caused Leader to be very very angry.
She expressed out her anger and the whole line was so quiet after that.

I admit that i too dislike them a lot.
Fatso was so rude and uncivilised.
She was very talkative and loud.
She just stand beside me and use the cutter without telling me.
I was scared by that.
Normally others will say something to let me know in advance.
She will also choose who to be good to.
She did not smile at me but she smile at others.
She never ever talk to me or joke to me too but she did that to others.
She will only treat the person better if the person can give her benefits.
I don't know what benefits but i am sure that there must be some.
She will treat powerful people better like Jocelyn the HR, Leader and so on.
Her look and behaviour makes me think of Wan Ting.
Hopefully Wan Ting won't get into RP.

As for Ai Zhen, she is just another weird and ugly aunty.
I don't know why she just don't smile.
She will always show her thick lips by putting it in a kissing position.
She have very thick lips ba.
The way she looks was so ugly and look disgusting.
I bet she is not married yet ba.
Her action was so slow and clumsy no wonder the Leader don't like her.
Humph! XD

Top billionaire - Warren Buffett (52 - 62 billion dollars)
2nd billionaire - Carlos Slim Helu (49 - 60 billion dollars)
3rd billionaire - Bill Gates (unsure)
I also want to be a billionaire. :)

*****[16 working days left]*****

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