Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Today was just another BORING day! -_-
And i realized that i was getting weaker and weaker.
I was very tired just now.
I couldn't stand straight properly.
My legs, head and hand were so pain and tired.
But i still LOVE my duty very much.
I LOVE what i was doing and what i was supposed to do.
I would be very glad if my own body could stop aching.
It really block my way!
But i could not.
So therefore i have to bear with it for some more dayssss. :)

SY get to do a new task.
She seems so frightened of the electric screw driver just now.
So pity her. :)
By the way, she managed to finish everything and moved on.
She was also fightened by the electric staple that i used.
Other than that, nothing much to talk about today.
I conclude that she was timid for the day.

I gonna revise my ENGLISH now or else it will turn rusty.

*****[17 working days left]*****

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