Wednesday, March 19, 2008

BUSY as a BEE.

Today it was really very very busy. Yesterday our target for the day was 18. Today it jumped to 27. When SY join us, it jump to 30. :( It increase by 3 per one person join our line. The line was like so busy and everyone had no time to pause a while. I feel so happy that SY could join my line today because i wanted her to feel how i feel like normally. It was like the 18th floor hell there. Luckily we were been paid and gain many precious experiences. Tomorrow is the last day of the week and finally i can take a break. YIPPIE!

Now my legs are very sore and i feel very tired physically and mentally. I hope this training can enable me to stand very long without feeling my legs are sore and pain. :)

I hate my UNCLE! He always hit my head or throw things to my head. I wonder why was his actions so childish and rude. He doesn't did that to anyone except me. He doesn't respect me at all. I hate such behaviour from him. I hope i can one day make some sense into him to make him stop doing that to me because i really dislike it a lot. I wanted to behave like a rich girl daughter and not a low-class family child. Even if i am not rich but i need to behave like one.

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