Monday, March 17, 2008

The MOST TIRED working day~

Today is the most tiring working day that i ever had in my whole life. I am SO SO SO busy today. The leader teaches me a new role today which is inserting. I did a lousy job today because there was not enough manpower. I need to cut everything except the board and insert everything all by myself.

What i did not need to do is cut the board and bring it in to soldering. HENG ARH because cutting the board is very risky and soldering is very very SMELLY. UNBEARABLE! SY did the soldering before and she said that it was damn HOT! SMELLY + HOT! NO WAY! But if one day they asked me to do then i will still do because it is a lifetime experience. :D *positive thinking*

End digress!

Today was my first time doing inserting and yet they want me to do everything by myself. I was ok with the idea of doing everything by myself. The BIG PROBLEM is that they want me to do it QUICKLY too. =.= FIRST TIME DOING AND YET THEY WANT ME TO SPEED SO FAST. I totally couldn't catch up at all la! XD By the way, they also expect it too. Once they want me fast, my quality of the final product drop. Once they let me do at my own pace, my quality is much more better. SO WHICH TYPE OF SPEED DO THEY WANT FROM ME? If they are SMART enough, they will have choose the QUALITY GOOD one because if the quality is not good which is also equal to not doing anything. Why don't have it done at its best state? XD STUBBORN! Nevermind, i just have to bear with it for two more weeks in that SUCKY HELLA place and i will leave a SMELLY FART BOMB and leave the place bombed! HEHHEHEHEH XD XD XD...

SY didn't came to work today because she have hurt her back by falling down the stairs. I guess maybe it is because of the rainy days and made the floor very slippery last few days. Hope she recover soon and come back to work tomorrow because i was so lonely today at work! :S

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