Saturday, March 15, 2008

Change change New new~

Change new template le.
This looks clean and neat.
I like it.

Lets post about last Thursday.

Last thursday i skipped work to went out with SY to bring her laptop to the hospital, IBM.
Went there early and her battery warranty ended.
So the staff there suggested that the purchase may not have reach 1 year yet.
But...!!! SY forgot to bring!
We had to go back home to take.

The journey from Tampines interchange to her house was BLOODY long.
And it was also raining CATS AND DOGS!

After that we went to Tampines mall to have our lunch.
I decided to have Long John Silver because got NEW CHEAP GOLDEN DEAL!
I always want to try out the FISH!
It was damn delicious and only slightly expensive but it was still worth it. :)
I was so proud to finish up 3 packets of TAR TAR sauce.
Love flattening TAR TAR sauce but eat with moderation.

After that we went Popular to browse around.

After that we went back to IBM.
Actually we wanted to go CHANGI AIRPORT New Terminal 3 but we had not enough time as SY was meeting her family for a movie 'waterhorse' outing at 4pm.
I really want to go there one day soon! XD

The IBM service centre staffs were damn nice.
They had good customer service.
4 thumbs up for them. ^^^^
There was also a guy at the serving counter.
I thought he was a local but he was a china guy. :X
Hate it when they hire foreign people to occupied those good paying jobs.

I saw my birthday past life and it was quite true as my present thinking of how my life should be.
My birthday is 21th December 1990 which is 5th november 1990 in lunar calendar.
Therefore my chinese past life character is 室.


I am very happy about the predictions.
I have also fantazied that i am a rich daughter with rich parents.
HAIZX. but no...
Nevermind, i have adopted the character of being a fake one. :)
LSP also have the same prediction as me.
We were once rich and blessful people. :)

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