Sunday, March 16, 2008

Selfish toot. RAWR!

Recently, i was busying doing my newly bought English assesment and no doubt that i will have lots of questions. I will consult those English Pros around me.

There was this person whose english was quite good as he got B4 for O level and speak quite accurate english. I decided to consult him to clarify some of the questions. Another reason was because he was the only person who i can turn to in my MSN online list. Many of the questions he does not know how to answer but i don't mind and i won't prompt him further about it. I will skip to the next questions. I have ony asked him once and the next time when he was online, i went to consult him again and he didn't reply and immediately offline.


I guess he must be too afraid to answer my questions as he don't know how to answer most of them. But that doesn't give him the right not to reply me and immediately offline. Isn't that a bit too rude and selfish. I was all along waiting for his answer patiently in front of the screen and seen him going offline at the same time. He should at least say that he doesn't know how to answer and say he got to go and then offline. I can't stand people doing that to me. It was way too hurt for me to accept such sucky attitude from a quite civilised person. It was a disgrace, he totally lost my trust in him.

Luckily there was my best fren, kind and intelligent WAN HONG. I will treasure such friends forever and thanks her for answering more of my questions and clear my doubts. At least she won't avoid me like some other people does.

Let's change topic.

I have discovered more and more nice Korean songs from YG family. Their songs were extremely nice and were pleasant to my ears. It was great listening to them while blogging. It lifts my spirits to the highest. :)

This makes me feel more and more liking to KOREA. How i wish that i have lots of money so that i can go to korea anytime. Or maybe i am a mixed blood; Chi-Kor blood. Then maybe i will have many chances to fly to Korea or know some Korea boyfriend or just normal friends.

I like Korea houses because their house are a bit higher when entering, which means they have to climb a few steps up. I can place my shoes on those steps, it will look so nice and neat. I prefer to sit on the floor in my room. Then i can have short short furnitures, tatami flooring and paper doors kind.

Other than that, their way of handling and preparing food were very neat, clean, healthy and nice. I don't know wheather the taste will be my liking a not because i did not try before yet. One day when i have found or get to hand those kimchi ingredient, i will want to try to make KIMCHI. :) So excited about my future life, i hope to earn lot and lot of money. :)



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