Saturday, March 22, 2008

Peach Garden restaurant @ 33.

Wonder what the 33 was about? It was the floor of the Peach Garden restaurant at OCBC centre located at Boat quay. We took bus and then walk a short distance to the place. The atmosphere and lighting there was very romantic and high-class. How i wish my boyfriend will propose to me at that place one romantic day. That place was mainly for people working in the business sector. The architecture design of most of the buildings were modern and cool. So envy of those who were working there.

Back to the restaurant, it was located at 33th floor. While tooking the lift, i had er min (in chinese as i do not know the english term) because the lift was moving very very fast, like rocket like that. I can feel the lift flying up as it was vibrating and i can also see the changing lift floor. Cool!

The restaurant layout, attire, decoration was average. What attracted me were the beautiful scenery and the beautiful table layout. The table was lined with elegant red crumpled table cloth. the set of utensils consisted of spoon, chopsticks, knife and fork. I love the fork and knife because they were sharpe enough. HEHHE. Nuts! The scenery was nice but it would be nicer if the room lightings can be darken. In future, if i have loads of money, i will held tai-tai (few best friends) dinner in that restaurant.

As for the food, all the food was extremely delicious except the piglets stewed with bean paste sauce which was quite salty. I was envy of those who can drink red wine. I wanted to try too but i am too young and inexperience, maybe i will get to try it when i am older, so anticipating for that moments. :) Finally i get to taste the real shark fins soup, the shark fins were in pieces and boiled with chicken. The soup was sweet and full of essence. Hopefully it could help to replenish my health from all those tiring working. The harass (wrong spelling);xue ge (in chinese) dessert in the end was good for health and makes one face rong guan huan fa (in chinese).

The atmosphere at there was quite tense for me and my mum because we were not very familiar and close with most of them. I will enjoy myself better and feel more confident if the people are the ones that i am close and comfortable with. :D

After that ah boon husband send us home. He was so action and proud just because he was rich! BIG DEAL! We passed by the ferris wheel and it was big and beautiful. Each cable can contain around 28 people which i thought it was only 4 people that kind. So toot! XD

Overall, i enjoyed my evening and will work towards to have a much better evening to blog. :D

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