Friday, March 28, 2008

End of JAIL, Start of FREEDOM.

Swing my life to freedom! :D

Yeahhh, finally my work contract ended! I was feeling both excited and unbearable when leaving. Excited because finally i can rest well at home instead of torturing my life there. Unbearable because i couldn't part with the warmth that i had there. :S

Today i had the most enjoyable day in all my working days because there was someone to chat to all day long. She was in my cutter group. HAHs. She was my assistant cutter and her name was Bong ai; meng ai in chinese. Such a nice name, as nice as her funny and nice character. She was the first elderly there that chat with me the longest. This should have happened from the start then maybe i will consider working a few more days with them instead of ending it today. TOO BAD, IT WAS WAY TOO LATE. Maybe the phrase that 'People always start to treasure only when it is ending.'

These were the people that i encountered there. JULIAH my examiner (she always prompt me her sons primary school questions for me to help her solve and she was the one who make me feel tempted to be a primary school tutor but too bad i know how to solve but don't quite know how to explain.), BONG AI the joker (always told off me and SY in a joke tone on not to stand on the road of the robot car to avoid accident. HAHA. So funny of her. ), SHAN SHAN my mentor, CHUI XIANG my leader, JIANG my supervisor, ANNA, JING, XIAO MANG, WENDY all my colleagues, JUAN the dreamer, AI ZHEN the thick lips and lazy pig (that was what most people say about her.), HO was once my leader, her assistant was a kind and nice person too, PO KIM (i don't quite know her name but she was well-known for being damn ugly but she thinks she is beautiful and also for her fast skills. She can do the cuttings, insertings, bendings and cutting the board as fast as thunder.), the lonely china girl that always have lunch with us, JOCELYN the kind and caring HR, CONNIE the weird eyes and attitude HR, KELLY another normal HR and lastly MR LAI the boss of YOKOGAWA.

If i got the mood and money, then i will consider buying them treaties. :)

One gossip that i heard from Bong ai. I asked her about the couple that came in together with us into this company why they didn't come for yesterday and today. Then i was so shocked to heard that they resigned on Tuesday. No wonder that day i saw her locker opened without a lock on Tuesday. How are they able to quit when they also signed a contract for working until end of March. They should endure a few more days with us and make today last day. I guess that it must be related to that our last day is on the coming Friday but they were told to work one more week.

Bong ai complained that the girl working attitude sucks as she don't dare to do this and that then like that how to work. She has lazy gene and a very weak personality. I think she will be more suit to jobs that allows her to sit down and have a big butt. I prefer jobs that have nice people that helps me and keeps my day enjoyable. Now i am confused that what temporary jobs that i prefer. : That girl also get into trouble with the security guard.

Anyway i am glad now that finally i can rest. I will be watching movie 'STEP UP 2' on Monday with good friends and will be making another trip to Changi Airport Terminal 3 to buy 2 sour strips and a packet of sour candy. So looking forward to that day. :)

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