Monday, March 31, 2008

Vivo city & Step Up 2 The Streets.

Actually today trip was supposed to consist of 5 person - me, yun, hong, qian and taz. In the end, qian and taz can't make it. Qian school ends at around 4 or 5 plus and the movie timing was at 4.25pm so she couldn't make it. As for taz, she had to go and quit her job and demand pay from her boss.

The movie was excellent but it could be better without the kissing and loving part. But that part did spice up the audiences and make the movie more interesting. Maybe just make that shorter and drag those dancing part longer. HEHs. This was because i can't get enough of the dancing. the dancing was so hyper, their moves were sharp and clean. Their breakdance was cool, style and pro and i love all the dancing part very much. Throughout the whole movie, i was only paying attention when they were dancing otherwise i will be just staring at the screen blankly. Overall, i love this movie and 4.5/5 stars for it. :D

Before that we went shopped around and we walk into the Sony Ericsson shop as yun want to choose a new phone for her dad as her dad plans will be ending soon. So good lor! My whole family one still need to wait 1yr plus. I saw this phone that was very choi and just release only. The model was W380 Sony Ericsson. It got my favourite PURPLE colour and with some hot pinkon extra buttons. When my 2 years plan ended, i will change to that handphone model. :)

We went Candy empire after the movie. Finally i manage to buy the popping candy chocalate and 1 strip of sour chews. The sour chew was sour enough and very nice. As for the popping candy chocalate i have not tried yet, maybe tomorrow. Haven't eat i have already predicted that it will be delicious.

Had a FUN and ENOYABLE today! :)

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