Saturday, April 26, 2008

Acer Service Centre.

Yesterday i pon lesson half-way to go to fix my laptop. My laptop was unable to charge so this give me a chance to escape from the lesson that i most dislike of. HAHs, i think most of my classmates were quite jealous and envy of me. Now i am involved in my class mass chat, they are thinking of ways to get rid and gossip about the most scary facilitator MUI LING! RAWR! I also want to kill her and get rid of her.

After i escaped from the lesson, felt more relaxing and had a more happier mood. My facial expression and looking also became better and nicer. Before that my face was pale and sad looking. When the next next monday came which was MUI LING lesson again, my mood will then be worsen again. HAIZ.

I was very happy and satisfied with Acer services yesterday and today. All the service providers were very friendly and polite. Next time when my friends asked me which brand to buy, i will introduce them ACER! :) Even though sometimes their laptop parts have man faulty but i know that the operators who manufactured these products were very tired. This is because i have worked as an operator before, therefore i know their feelings.

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