Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Old adoration ^_^

Old and nice pictures to post.
Ah loo jie jie dog. I went her house to visit her new-born baby and the dog lost everyone attention and lie down sadly on the floor looking bored.
See how it lies, the hand and the leg. Like a fish? So cute!
The leg and tail are proportional. So cute! ^_^
A nice photo of snow that i found from flick. This is just the photo of snow that i am looking for all along. FLICK ROCKS! ^_^ The snow was so white and the background house was so nice and i like such type of house. The whole contrast and colour of the whole photo was so nice! :) Love it!
Table setting at Peach Garden Restaurant. I don't dare to take the full table because it will be like i am so rude and 'suaku'. HEHs, i secretly take this photo while faking smsing. The full table look more nicer and grander. I like! ^_^
Nice purple chair and table at Great World City. In future, i also want such purple dinning table in my house! ^_^
The purple colour is so nice. Just the type of purple i like. ^.^

Nice! XD

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