Friday, April 04, 2008

Outing with my BF Mumtaz.

Today had a very fun and enriching shopping spree with Mumtaz. She will be the best companion if i want to buy something related to fashion. She has good taste than me, she knows how to match them with her clothings, she knows how to bargain the price to be lower and she knows how to check out the products for flaws. If she had studied harder back in her secondary school, then maybe she will be a talented sudent in the fashion designer class. Such a pity! Well, one day someone will discover her talents and make her famous! :)

We went bugis village to shop for her bag, stocking and some shirts. She bought a plump shiny skin bag. She thinks that it was nice on her but i don't quite think so because i don't like plump bags. I didn't dare to tell her that the bag was ugly as i did so in the past because i know that different people have different perspective. In the end she bought it of course.

After that she bought a stocking which is 95% black whereas mine is 75% black because mine is tight and so it will looks a bit transparent. All along we had been telling each other i want this and that but we were not rich and we give second thoughts to consider buying them. Of course we didn't buy them.

Actually i want to buy a printed bag but the shape was not fixed and so i gave it up. I am still looking for my perfect shoulder bag. It must be durable to hold my laptop, look elegant and rich and lastly look stylish. It was rather hard to find because i was worried about the price, the size, the look and the durable of it. Nevermind, soon i will be able to find it! JIA YOU! :D

Oh ya, we had my all time favourite again which is LONG JOHN SILVER for lunch again. I really loved the fish a lot. YUMMY! Mumtaz also tried some of the fish and she liked it too. :) We actually plan to have Burger King but she said that it was expensive. Now i crave for Burger King already. Next time round, i will have Burger King. Truthfully say, i rather spend my money on food than fashion because I REALLY LOVE TO EAT DELICIOUS FOOD. :x But it will be opposite for Mumtaz.

One week ago, Mumtaz quitted her job as the boss had no profits and so had finacial difficulties. Luckily Mumtaz demanded the pay from her on time or else she would end up not getting her pay just like some of her poor colleagues. Her boss had owned some of her workers pay.

Not only that, the shop was also haunted. Mumtaz told me that she and her colleagues saw and heard weird things. She mention that her shop store had a weird stone buddha. Her boss told them to offer the buddha milk or soybean milk everyday.

When Mumtaz clean up the store, she found a sweet wrapper. That sweet wrapper was the one that had been offered to the god. I betted no one would have want to eat god sweet as it will be disrespectful. So who could be the one eating it since no one claim that they ate it. Could it be the god? She also found a lump of dusty twisties on the floor. The weird thing was that why was it in a lump? That was a weird sight. Once again no one claim that they had eat it so who could it be?

Mumtaz also heard the curtain drawing but no one was there or nearby it. So who could it be again? She also claimed that the place was eerie and dark even when all the spotlights were on. How i wish to explore that shop but the owner had closed the shop due to poor profits. Next time when a new owner take over, then i will go in and feel the energy in it. :)

Finally i bought the April Female. I wouldn't feel bored at night! :)

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