Monday, April 07, 2008

Late + Crowded.

I was freaking late by 30mins. This was the first time that i was late for so long. If i am late, it wouldn't be more than 15mins. Maybe because of the timing had been resume back to 8.30am to reach school and also year 1 intake had increased.

I saw 3 bus of 168 and all were crowded and this shows that many RP students are from east area. This is a sad thing! :(

The 168 bus driver was so freaking sickening, he stopped at each bus stop for so long just to try to squeeue everyone up onto the bus. If the bus no space already then don't stop and go. Don't waste our time, we have to be punctual rather than be kind-hearted!!!

So i decide that tomorrow i shall wake up at 6.35am rather than 6.45am and go out of house at 6.50am rather than 7.05am. Last time i use to board 168 at 7.30am and reach at 8.30am but now i board at 7.20am and reach school at 9am! So annoying! Tomorrow no matter what, i got to go out earlier and reach school surprisingly early until the system is back to normal! RAWR!

Bus was crowded, school long corridor from bus stop to building was crowded, canteen was crowded too. Everywhere was so crowded because of the increased intake of year 1 students. I wonder how RP will deal with this situation? Hope they can solve it quickly for everyone benefits.

First lesson today and i got to know Anu Singh my Microbiology module facilitator, Sharon, Yin Fang, Karthi and Angela. Everyone were very social-able and nice to talk with. Hope i can work well with them in future.

Today i was supposed to wait for LSP after school but i didn't as i wanted to join my best friend. I felt so guilty and sad for him and i promise to wait for him tomorrow once and then update his life in RP. :) This means that i will be late tomorrow.

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