Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Balance brought down.

After seeing all this CUTE cupcakes, my mood was feeling better and happier. :)

My guiltyness was brought down from yesterday to today. I am very comfirm that yesterday was my guilty day. Throughout the day, guilt happened to me anywhere, anytime. But what over is over already! :) I had to look forward to my bright and interesting future! :)

Oh ya, the guilt of today happened just now. I was checking my grade and see if they was any new grade. Anatomy and physiology grade was out and i got an A from her. Incredible sia. My senior, Derrick told me that it is very hard to get A from Arul. I think he was trying to say Anu, since i have aready 2 As from her.

She was the first person who gave me my first A. She gave me A even if my perfomance was still below the average performance. That was so kind of her. Other i like her lesson, i also like her person. Therefore i will name her day as my most happier day. :) Anatomy and physiology rocks!

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