Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy VESAK Day.

Happy VESAK Day everyone! :) Today my mum and i went out to the street to check out how other people celebrate their vesak day. We went to the wrong temple which was the milan temple and then we slowly walk to the correct one which was the 'da pei' temple. Actually i don't really think they are celebrating their vesak day to the fullest so i have nothing much to say. I think if i want to see them celebrating to the fullest, then i think we should go to the chinatown newly open big buddha teeth temple.

Haizx, so sian! I expect tomorrow that very few people will be going to class but just now Yuhan told me that he was coming which i at first thought he won't. I am a bit disapointed but i decided to go too because i will be looking forward to wednesday which is my motivation to go tomorrow.

As for next week lesson, i will take after school crystal making for my motivation. Other than that, next week was also so the last week before a 2 weeks holiday. Hooray! 2 things to look forward to next week. CHEERS! :)


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