Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Completed Kimchi.

Yeah, i have done the kimchi. I don't think it will taste very nice because there are some mistake that i made.

1. corn flour mixture was overcook and not well stir as i was preparing the sugar to add after witness bubbles.
2. use hot pepper paste instead of hot pepper flakes. actually can use hot pepper powder as said by other videos. next time i will use hot pepper powder then.
3. i have prepared excessive amount of each ingredients. since now i have my first time experience, i will be able to manage the amount of each ingredients next time round.
4. the vegetable was too big. next time i will replace with chinese cabbage and use half only so that i won't waste food if it doesn't taste nice.

Therefore i have to edit my amount of ingredients to prepare for my second try. :) Next time maybe i want to try dukkboki since i have got the hot pepper paste. Yeah.

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