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LADY WU - the first empress

A portrait of Empress Wu Tse-t'ian – the only Female Emperor in China.
She is Lady Wu, the first Empress Emperor in the year of 690.

Are you wondering how she rised to Emperor?
Her first step was using her beauty and intelligence.
Then she become the king lady and the empress.
Luck stand by her and the king died before her.
She immediately appointed her son the king and puppetted her son to rule the country.
She used her son to eliminate the people who dislike her and replaced them with people who support her.
After that she forced her son to resign and she crowned herself the EMPEROR.

What great moves and strategies she got! Hitler also used such moves to excel. The difficult part of a women or a person to rise to an Emperor is that not many people are capable of getting trustworthy people to support themselves as well as having excessive luck. Might as well say that she had the fate to become someone so powerful with the luck she have.


Now a lot of people must be thinking since she was as ruthless as Hitler, how was she a good ruler? Well, people only notice that she was ruthless but did not notice why was she ruthless. I am sure everyone have a reason for their own action. Don't tell me you don't?

She was ruthless to puppetted her son to rule the country because all her sons do not have experience on how to rule the country. They did shared their plans with her but as she had experiences, she knows that the plan will not work well. Their plans might make the country fall. Her objective was to maintain the country and since no one knows how to do so, she had to take the lead. Of course she must get rid of those who disagree and get in her way to take the lead.

She was ruthless to kill those who opposed her. If she did not killed them, then she won't be Emperor. She would be some soft lady. She killed them to show others that whoever dare to oppose her will have the same plight. This will make her gain respect and obey from the people. Then she can continue with her plan and maintain the country.

Even though she was ruthless but did you see the result, all her ruthless action will lead to the same outcome; she managed to effectively rule China during one of its more peaceful and culturally diverse periods. She did not let the country fall or undergo any war or disaster, did she?


The first media that I got to know about her was a book that I borrowed from the library entitled "Empress Wu" or "Lady Wu" by Lilian too if I am not wrong. The book was very exciting and I finished it as fast as less than one week. Now I want to see Empress Wu drama.

In the first place, I was attracted to the story because I like their colorful clothes and complicated hairstyle. It was very nice and elegant. Their clothing was made of top quality silk and all were very colourful. Further more, the design on the robe have gold sculpture like dragon or phoenix or some powerful resemble. As for the complicated hairstyle, it was just pure elegant and nice to me. How I wish I can live in the past.

Her biography which i think is quite complete in the wikipedia website.

A summarised version of her biographies

Drama "Lady Wu - The First Empress" has a similar storyline:
Currently the drama is not upload by any website, if yes please inform me! :)

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