Sunday, August 17, 2008

MIstaken about YF.

All along, I have wronged YF. Everytime in class, when I saw her talking on her handphone and quarelling with her BF, I thought that she purposely wanted to quarrel and get upset with her BF to gain other people attention and to be like those Taiwan drama scene.

I am totally wronged about that. That is actually her real emotion that are uncontrollable at all. All this happened because his BF was stuck with skin disease. I can totally understand the torture and sadness of the person who has skin diesease. This is because my mother is one of the victim last time. Now she has recovered. This problem actually caused them to be so depressing.

Everytime when i over-heard them quarrelling, in my mind, I would always suggest them to break up. YF would say no because she can still handle this situation. Now i think she has really make a good choice. She should not leave a person especially one who has been so close with her before. That would be rather inhuman if she leave the relationship. :)

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