Sunday, August 24, 2008


Sparkling Gold!
Gold swirl ring with bling! My ideal ring! :)
I had just been to watch 'Money not enough 2' movie. It was very funny, duration was long, exciting, surprising and nice. I enjoyed it very much! The funny part was when the Mother asked the son weather had he eaten? The Mother asked a lot of times and i laughed until tear dropped.

I love it when the cold wind is blowing non-stop. I totally enjoy breeze. Therefore i promise myself that in future, my condo must have a balcony with a romantic and lovely night view. My definition of night view should be the view of a road with sparkling road light, traffic light, car light, bulding light. Well in short, I just want to see a view with many sparklings light.

I just love glitter, shiny, bling bling sight too much! They are magical, cool and romantic. :)
Recently I am also falling into sparkling gold too!

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