Thursday, September 18, 2008

Best Getai.


Yesterday night, I went to see LiXing Getai at ChaiChee ZhuLin Temple. It was another LiXing best Getai. Everytime when I watch LiXing Getai, I never feel that I have made a waste trip. Yesterday performance was the nicest that I ever watched. It was a pity that I did not see ChenZhiWei.

I like yesterday Show because the band was playing very well, the drum beat was strong and powerful, the stereo was loud and clear. Just the perfect volume. The lighting was good and the stage was high enough to be not block by anybody big head. The host was funny and had good hosting skills. The singers mostly sing songs that were of my type, which is loud, good rythmic, fast and familiar songs.

Next time I must go to see LiXing Getai more often because the Show is getting more and more youngsters style. Hopefully I can get to see the handsome and cool ChenZhiWei.:D

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