Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I am going to talk about this stubborn step-uncle again. He irritated me again just a few minutes ago. I just wish that he can shut up whenever I bring up any matter which is none of his business. There is always something for him to disagree with the statement that I was talking about.

There is a chinese proverb saying "Even if you keep quiet, no one will see you as a mute." It is a pity that he is an elderly so I do not have the rights to say him. Another factor that he should keep quiet is that I am not talking to him. He is rude to interrupt my converation with Mum.

Not everyone would like anybody to disagree with his/her own points, instead I am looking forward to the people who support me. That would create a more pleasant atmosphere. This issue is not about some serious matter so I don't think he should be so negative about it and trying to abort my plan. Does he feel happy to keep finding fault at anything and in turn worsen someone mood. Doesn't he think about other people feeling whereby he is only thinking about himself. This is why he is so unsuccessful in life. I feel pity for him in this area.

Now I think I am 100% anti him already. I think he is worst person I ever get to know in my life. This have made me learnt to judge a person more carefully before marrying that person. When that person grow old, he might be like a stubborn nerd uncle.

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