Monday, September 29, 2008


Yesterday I had a short chat with Daphne my best junior in secondary school. Now that I have graduated and she is still in that sucky school having her O Level Examination this year. I heard from her that the school had transformed a lot and she was not very happy with it.

One major thing that she was concerned was about Mrs. Bajaj. She said that ever since her husband leave for heaven after prelims, she had transformed from a passion teacher to a zombie. I used to like Mrs. Bajaj my mathematics and additional mathematics teacher and Mrs. Johari my chemistry teacher very much. Their teaching skills were very good and they were the head of department.

I was very shocked when I heard how Mrs. Bajaj had transformed. Daphne told me that her teaching style was very boring that the whole class do not want to listen and Mrs. Bajaj did not ever care about this. She was also slouching during teaching. All this behaviour had caused Daphne class to have a very poor grade for mathematics and additional mathematics subject during prelims. Their class was also the lowest rank among all the other express classes. I was wondering how come their form teachers and principal and vice-principal do something about this?

Poor Daphne. I hope the students are able to not be too dependent on their teachers and to learn by themselves.

Other than only Mrs. Bajaj, Daphne also mention that a lot of teachers seems to be giving up on the Springfield students. I understand that Springfield had been recruiting a lot of lousy results student and not long the whole school will be full of lousy students just like Bedok Town secondary school. I am so disgraced and embarassed to mention my secondary school to other people. :s

I hope Daphne can cope on her own and get good results and leave the sucky school as soon as possible. :)

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