Sunday, October 05, 2008

Past events.

I have not updated myself since the royalty wedding. Let's talk about the wedding first.

The wedding itself was not held in a very grand or royal style, it is just like some typical wedding style. To me, it was quite normal. But the place was very grand and even the people who were invited were very grand. When we reached the car park, we saw (in fact only I noticed because I was extremely interested) a lot of glamorous cars like Jaguar, Mclaren Mercedes, BMW and many others. (In future I would want a Mclaren Mercedes.)

After entering Four Season hotel, more things amazed me that I was a royalty. The lift, the toilet and the waiting hall, the stair, the crystal light, the ballroom celling lighting were all one of my favourite colour 'GOLD'.

Another that amazed me was the gift which were icing cupcakes. Mum got a chocolate cupcake while I got a don't know what flavour cupcake. Mum did not like chocolate and so I ate hers and throw away mine. I like the chocolate cupcake very much. These cupcakes were from CANELÉ Pâtisserie Chocolaterie. (

One sad thing was that I did not get to eat the last dish which was white chocolate mousse with don't know what berries. It sounds nice and I was sure that it will taste nice too. I did not get to eat it because the fat couple left and they were in charged of fetching us home. It was such a pity that I did not get a bite of it. I wondered how it taste?

After that day, not much event happened because it was Hari Raya which was not my event. During this 1 week plus, Malay families will be going to visit their relatives and family in beautiful clothing. I kind of liked their clothing because they were in bright and shiny colours. It really brighten the surroundings. Why didn't Chinese have such culture? But Korea did have such culture whereby during special occasions, they will wear their bright colour traditional clothing.

One thing that I am very unhappy during this few days is that I can't read and delete mails. Hotmail has got problem because LSY has the same problem. Hotmail can be signed in but mails cannot be read, delete and create. I have accumulated 21 mails now which is a lot. Normally I will check my hotmails everyday and delete or sort the mails to where they should be. Usually I have zero mails. There are some important mails like EmailCashPro and Pay Survey that I can go open and earn money. When will Hotmail recovered and what should I do now? :(

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