Thursday, October 23, 2008

Korean Festival 2008 in Singapore.

Just now I went to Parkway Parade and happened to see the Korean Festival 2008 banners hanging on the lamposts in the middle of the road. I am so happy that there was this festival in Singapore but I do not have the tickets and friends to acompany me to go. I love K-Pop music so much!

For the K-Pop concert on 4th November, Wondergirls, Jewelry and many others will be coming. I want to see Wondergirls performing Nobody live and SeoIn-Young in Jewelry group. So cool! I hope the television will broadcast the concert. :)

Unfotunately my favourite Se7en, BigBang plus LeeHyori, McMong, EpikHigh, CrownJ... never come.

The Korean Festival will start from 1st November and end at 18 November.

For details, visit this website.

Oh ya, BigBang released a English album - Number 1. Some of the songs are new while some are the remake of the Korean version to English version. No matter what their songs are all very nice and I like the Korean version more! Good job BigBang!

For don't know how long I have never heard of Se7en already. I wondered what is he doing now? I hope he can release new album and come Singapore to advertise. :)

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