Thursday, October 30, 2008


Above are photographs of my messy room. This was before my English examination, PP poster making as well as PP presentation plus some UT too Now that everything have cleared out one by one, I am feeling more relaxed and have the mood and time to tidy up my room. I will take some photographs of my after tidy room.

Just now did some dust cleaning. Now my wiping cloth has became very black. So now the corner in front of my bed and the corner under my TV are neat and tidy.

In future my home should be fully air-conditioner so that all the windows should be closed. But in this case, the whole flat will not have sufficient fresh air from the external surrounding. Therefore only bedrooms windows will be closed and the rest will be opened to fresh air.

I am actually so looking forward to living on my own with friends and without my parents. This way I can decorate my room for all I can without caring my parents nagging at me that I am vandalising the flat which belongs to my parents and not me. I also hate it when my parent put things that are not mine in my room. It takes up so many spaces until my room become so crowded and not enough free spaces for new arrival. I like my room to be free of things and everything should be hide into the cupboard for easy wiping.

Another thing I want to share about today is about Sharman uncle.

I am kind of irritated by him now. This is what actually happened. He sms-ed me like one week plus ago asking me regards and stuff. Then he happened to say bye bye at the end. I was like thinking I seldom say bye bye through sms. It felt so weird because I only say bye bye when leaving each other face to face.

In sms, there I won't say bye bye because you can sms anytime and anywhere you like. Therefore I tried to tell him that no need to say bye bye because we can chat anytime we want. From that day onward, he will sms me everyday to asked me have you eaten, how are you, are you busy, what are you doing and stuffs. It was like so rubbish sms. Normally people will sms me for important stuff and maybe some regards. But I don't wish the same person to send me regards everyday. He is an old uncle and not as if a young and handsome guy. =.=

I feel quite disgusted with this type of behaviour from him. Somemore yesterday he still asked me to send me a photo of myself. I was like thinking why do you need my photograph for? Normally I also seldom sms so my sms sent per month is kept very low. I normally chat in msn and now I am trying to ask him to chat online instead. But just now he asked me what is msn? =.=

He was very old already and yet not married yet. I think he feels very bored and he do not have any long term friends. This is because he always job hop as he does not have much education. In this case, he should go online and make more new friends. But the problem now is that he does not have a computer.

Oh my god. I can't survived without a computer. I can do so many things with my computer. I can watch drama and shows that are not broadcast in local TV, I can listen to Korea songs which I don't get to listen in local TV and radio, I can blog enviromentally without the use of paper and I can search for things and pictures I like from the net. There are just so many things to do with a internet and broadband connection. Now, I am really thankful to whoever that invented internet and computer.

If tomorrow he asked me for my regards again, I shall not reply and waste my sms on him anymore. I will only reply when I feel like it.

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