Monday, October 06, 2008

Less one Getai comedian host - Lin Li

I just went to Lin Li funeral. My reason for going there was to see ChenZhiWei. I manage to stand a very close distant with him; around 1 metre and I also get to have a 1 second eye contact with him. Oh my god, I almost melt on the scene. He was just too cool and handsome for my eye.

The funeral attracted quite a lot of Getai fans and Getai singers. This funeral was the most exaggerate that I have ever seen. There was a poster dedicted to Lin Li. It has a photo of Lin Li and some blessing phrase. Other than that, it also has colourful blink lightings border. This was way too grand to me. Other than that, it also has a screen video player and stereo to play Lin Li past Getai Shows. Well, that was lousy because it did't have sound. -.- It also has a very huge taoist prayer group to pray for Lin Li.

Rich, Rich, Rich...

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