Sunday, October 12, 2008

Report about Lin Li funeral.

This is EricNg stylo car. I was walking very fast when taking this photos and hence it turned out to be very blurry. Next time when I spotted the car again, I will take a proper photo of it. The car is very cool just like EricNg, grey in colour and which some cool Chinese wordings.

Yesterday I went for Lin Li funeral. I went because of three reasons.
Reason 1: I am a very nosey and curious person.
Reason 2: I want to see handsome and cool Chen Zhi Wei - Eric Ng.
Reason 3: My mother went and so I had company.

This funeral was a very great eye opening for me. The funeral one of the very grand and traditional that I had ever attended. I am so honoured to have lived just a few blocks away from Lin Li block and also to be able to attend his funeral even though my family is not in any relation with him. My Mum was related to him as a fans of Lin Li getai. My Mum enjoyed him hosting at getai because he was very funny. Later in the night, we also went a while to GuCaiBa Temple to see the getai last half only. She said that after the death of Lin Li, the audience had fewer laughter.

Let continue after the funeral. My mum went at 10am plus while I went at 11am. During the moment that I were not there, reporters were taking photos of the scene and some random reporter happened to took my Mum photos in a crowd but only side view. Hehs.

When I reached, the crowd was massive. Non-Chinese passerby might thought that there was a funfair going on. The funeral was very huge as in the funeral occupied the whole void deck of the block and also 1/4 of the opposite block. I located my mother easily and at the same time, the marching band arrived by playing the funeral marching song. They then marched into the prayer area.

The other performances included 2 performances about 2 big dolls dancing, prayers chanting sutra and 2 big flags measuring 2.5 floors high swaying in the car park area. I saw a bit of the flag swaying. It was quite cool because they sway the flag by letting the it fall down to a 45 degree and rotate it 360 degree. If the group who sway the flag lost control, the flag might kill people because there were many people below the flag and the flag was also very heavy.

Actually throughout the whole event, I was only looking out for Eric Ng. He was so handsome that I could not stop looking at him and admiring him. On the second night of the funeral, I turned up and happened to lock eye contact with him. Yesterday I was sure that he must had noticed my presence. Then at night when I went for the getai, I think he noticed me again.

It was like went I like something, it will keep appearing near me. Was it really fate? Last night getai, I was like very far from the stage and Eric Ng was busy working at the stage and I don't bring much hope that I would get to see him close. But never did I expect that he actually came towards the back of the audience. I didn't want him to see me because I was wearing the same clothing and he must have wondered why I did not went home to bath after the funeral and yet still loitering outside. But anyway I was so happy to see him so many times during this week.

Let go back to the funeral. At around 2pm plus, the funeral finally finished and ready to allow Lin Li coffin to travel around his favourite place; market and GuCaiBa temple. His coffin was so grand and nice. It was white in colour and it was imported from Taiwan. The coffin was carried out with the thick stick method by 30 muscular man. 54 white balloons were also tied onto the coffin and then cut off by the family members to symbolise that Lin Li 54 years of life were let off and fly away to heaven. This innovative idea was thought out by Eric. He really have a creative and thoughtful mind which will be an advantage to his mission of attracting youngsters to view getai shows.

Back to the funeral. The travel was started off with the 2 flags, big dolls, prayers chanting, band, flower lorries (displaying rest in peace quotes to Lin Li decorated with shiny lightnings followed by getai performancers pulling the flower car of the coffin and followed by the coffin and the relatives, friends and fans mourning behind. All these will be walking one round around the market and then travel by vehicles to GuCaiBa for one round and then to Mandai crematorium columbarium for cremation.

When the coffin was travelling to the market, there were so many spectaculars and also big traffic jams. This was so cool because this shows how the event have such a big effect. Even the mayor of Eunos came to offer a prayer to Lin Li on one of the days during the wake. After the coffin past by us, we board one of the bus provided to Mandai crematorium columbarium. The place there was calm and relaxing and I like the stone waterfall. That was the place where most Mediacorp shows went there to film drama about decrease visiting.

The whole big event ended here and I give my deepest condolence to Lin Li. May his families and friends of Lin Li get over the grief and resume their normal life soon.

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