Friday, November 14, 2008

2008 color forecast.

Red - is the color of good fortune, money and reputation. It is a vibrant color that will give you a lot of love and joy. Also promotes desire, courage and may also give you anger. You get easily noticed when you wear red because it is an extreme color. Most cosmetics are found in shades of red.

Orange - This color signifies "peace" and "harmony." It is a combination of red and yellow. You have the characteristics of uniting people, being cheerful and a positive thinker.

Yellow - A symbol of sun which brings joy, adventure and high spirits. It is considered as a "friendly color" as it represents sunbeams. Wear this color if you want to clarify something or if you are going to make a certain decisions in your life. Sometimes too much of this color will lead you to anxiety.

Green - Symbolizes nature and good fortune in Chinese. It also makes you calm, peace and relax. Said to be the easiest color on the eye that's why in some hospitals they often use green in order to relax their patients.

Blue - Said to be the color of sea and sky. It signifies peace and love. In fashion, wearing blue while attending a job interview symbolizes loyaltly. In Feng Shui, it creates a feeling of trust and energy.

Purple - Symbol of luxury and wealth. In Feng Shui, it signifies physical and mental healing. People wearing this shade regains spirituality.

Pink - Always associated with baby girls, or to “Hello Kitty.“ But this color is not only for kids. This is a sensitive shade which brings unconditional love and a great color for people who are at ease.

Brown - Refers to the color of the earth. Symbolizes comfort and healing. Considered as one of men's favorite color.

Black - A color of authority and power. Also symbolizes money and income. It is a great color for some career-oriented people. You can appear thinner if you wear this color. In fashion, it is considered as a timeless color.

White - Generally symbolizes for cleanliness, innocence and purity. In fashion, it goes with everything. Some professionals like doctors and nurses wear white to signify sterility. This is a light color that will calm your atmosphere.

Color also represents our daily mood which also play a meaningful role to achieve your goals as said in Feng Shui. It may have different meanings in some cultures but generally it is they way we carry ourselves and in what we are believing in. Make yourself more comfortable wearing your favorite colors than to suffer yourself and look awful. Be wise and carefully choose the right color that suits your taste and personality.

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