Sunday, November 02, 2008

All day out.

Night view of the city Pictures, Images and Photos
Korea city night view! Beautiful and relaxing! :)

Yesterday, almost the whole day I am outside. It was not very tiring and I enjoyed myself very much!

In the morning, my mother and I went to see our family western doctor in our market for my mum asthma condition. After that we went to Tampines to relax around and then we went on to see the eastern doctor. My mum had to see this doctor every week for her asthma and sleepy condition. After we went to have lunch and then she went home while I went to meet up with my friends.

I meet them at the Tampines interchange and LSY told me that she was already at the popular with her mother. Next, I had to wait a while for Mumtaz as she reached very fast. After that we (LSY, her younger sister, Mumtaz and me) went together to see the movie: The coffin. We met JingXuan in the cinema. It was so coincidence that she was sitting behind us only with her family.

The movie was not very scary but the storyline was somehow good. So if you want to go and see very scary movie, then this is not a very good movie. But anyway there were still some scary and disgusting parts.

After the movie, Mumtaz and me shopped around for nail polish and I had one of my nail painted dark blue which is not the colour I want. I want electric blue colour instead. When I had got the money, I will buy transparent, shiny dark purple, white and electric blue nail polish colour plus a bottle of nail polish remover too. But first I need to grow long all my nails.

I went home and had a bath and short rest then headed on to AngMoKio hub with family.

The whole day was enriching and I enjoyed myself very much. I hope to have more outings with Mumtaz. :)

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