Monday, November 03, 2008

HAPPY. 기뻐요. Gippeoyo.

Colorful candies to brighten my life!!!

I am so happy now and forever happy because I have passed my PP. I thought I would fail because the assessors comments were not very good. It kept me worried after I saw their hurtful comments. Luckily the result was out rather fast or else I will need to be emo for a long time.

I am grateful to Gohonzon for giving me good fortune and wisdom to overcome this obstucles and also other past obstucles. I am very happy and grateful for getting to know Gohonozon.

Christmas is reaching very soon. I am going to Ikea for room decoration shopping. I want to buy a small christmas tree to place on my table, 5 metre strip of glittery cut into 5 shorter strips and also tiny christmas ornaments to put on the small christmas. I love christmas so much! I had just passed by Orchard road and I saw that this year theme was candies. Lamp posts had became a big candy and candies will hanging from the trees. There were also sweet lighting hanging from lamp post to lamp post.

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