Friday, December 19, 2008


Yesterday went for a change of hairstyle at Tampines Snip Avenue with WanNing. We went for lunch and then to cut hair. The wheather was extremly hot, almost burning me into ashes.

I am very satisfied with the haircut. My dry hair had been turned into very healthy hair. I asked them to cut straight edges for me. I like the result very much. I was been cut by an older hairstylish while WanNing was been cut by a male hairstylish. I prefer my hairstylish so I can communicate better. That guy once told WanNing that we looked like 15 years old. Bootlicker! :P Want us to give you tips? Wait until Singapore snow...

After we went Tampines mall third floor to shop around. I was looking for new sudoku book. There was none that was cheap,small and nice to do.

Today morning, I meet up Daphne as she wanted to pass me my belated present. It was not a - gift but it was the thoughts that count. Thanks to her anyway. We had a short chat about her past school life and gossip about BL.

After that I went to Tampines to meet up Mum to go settle something at the bank. Bank services are the best! :) I love good services!

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