Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Busy week.

Shopping all day long!!!

Monday - run errand at Chinatown for Mum with WanNing.
Tuesday - last minute trip accompanying Mum to dermatologist at Novena medical centre.
Wednesday - job search with girl gang and christmas party with WanNing and her friend.
Thursday - unconfirmed outing with Daphne.
Friday - haircut with WanNing at Tampines Snip Avenue.
Saturday - Night outing with Mum.
Sunday - Night outng with Mum.

Outings almost all day long. I have never been so busy already. I want more trips planned for me.

Actually I plan to work during this vacation but I have already wasted one week and I bet those employers won't want to employ people who only work for two pathetic weeks.

I am so regretful that I did not take up the job on flyers distributers. At least I get to earn $100++. That job only required me to work from 10am to 2pm on last weekend and next weekend. That will be earning $6.50 per hour. The problem is the location is at Orchard which is a bit embarassing for me to work there. Never mind, I am sure I am going to find a much more better job at the next 10 weeks vacation. Jia you!!! :D

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