Friday, December 12, 2008

Outing with WanNing - 12Dec

Yet another fun and enjoyable outing with WanNing. We went to Pasir ris to get my mouse form challenger and lunch. Then we head down to Bugis to find the Korea shop and get my Korea utensil; chopstick and spoon. WanNing was so good, she help me pay $3.00 out of $5.00 for the utensil. I told her that this will be an early birthday gift for me.

We had a hard time trying to find the shop. We went round and round the temple and then finally we saw a internet cafe and we head in to check out the place. The internet cafe was cool, 20 minutes usage for only $0.90. But it was still expensive because RP, Mac and library got free excess of internet.

Lucky purple mouse with a nice glow light in the middle. :)

Flat style Korea chopstick and long spoon.

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