Thursday, December 04, 2008

Today happenings.

Malay girl with worst sleeping habit
Today met her again. I was shocked that her bad sleeping habit can also happened to guy. I pity that not so handsome guy. Her bad sleeping habits tactics were just like that time when she sit beside me.
But anyway if she happened to sit beside me, I will change my seat immediately and to somewhere in front of her. I want to show her that I rather change my seat to other places rather than sitting with her. If there are no spaces, I would go to the first floor. If first floor is very crowded, I might consider alighting the bus and take the next bus. Hehs. My good and evil plan.

Elated about my 2As.
Early in the morning went to the class with a tired and unwilling mood to school. I went to check my grades and happen to see 2As. One is for immunology understanding test 2. I got an unbelievable 19.5/30. The first UT I did really badly and got myself a fat D. I sat for the second UT and I knew that I would get another D or C for it again. Never did I think I have got an A. I have always hate immunology because I couldn't understand those antibodies and helper cells and blah. Complicated enough for me to hate it. Further more I hate the facilitator too. Now this kind of UT grade have helped me a lot to pull up my lousy grades for not coming to school regularly. Happy!
Another A was for Medical Technology daily grade. I actually deserved this grade for the work I put in that day. This A also helped me to pull up my lousy grade. I think this facilitator pity my grade and hope that this A can help me to pass my overall grade. Overall, I like this facilitator for her beautiful smile. :)
Hope by the end of this semester, I am able to pass all the modules with at least a C.

Sakura beside Republic Polytechnic
When to Sakura for lunch. Services provided by the students there were good. Food were bad. The baked seafood taste yucky because the chef had baked it until the juice of the seafood was gone. The taste was covered by the sauce they added. Take for example the scallop, it had shrinked in size and I can no longer taste the scallop fresh taste. All the fresh taste of seafood were gone.
Shark fins soup was fake. I can't expect much from buffet either? The salad claim that it had lobster meat but didn't get to taste it. The egg bowl was bad too, bland and no taste at all, contain a ginko nut don't know or what. Sushi was normal either.
What I can say is that I would not make a second trip back to there unless it got improvements.
If I am rich, I would go to poshed restaurant for my meal, no need to go so many trips to take what I want to eat. No need to bear with the awful taste of the food. No more meals with unglam people. I won't recommend people to visit Sakura.

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