Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Just now I am very fed up with that stupid, disgusting, annoying and irritaiting step-uncle. Right now he was nagging about something minor, in fact he was nagging all day long. I wondered why does he behave so like an aunty and yet he did not realised it himself.

Just now he accused me of eating the duck wings that he bought this afternoon.
(chinese conversation)
him: did you ate the duck wings just now?
me: no, i did not. (in a nice tone)
him: got eat then admit la, you wont die from that.
me: i really did not eat! (in angry tone)
him: then how come it is gone? home got thief is it? further more you are the only one at home just now. not you eat then who eat?
me: but i really did not eat!!! (in a very angry and fed-up tone)

I mention it before that he does not have any blood related with me. Therefore he does not have the right to lecture me unless that person is a idiot. He is obviously one.

In future when I am more powerful, I will make him sorry and make him sorry for his actions and feel embarassed of himself. WAHHAHAHA!!!

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