Saturday, January 31, 2009

New and fresh look + Sagittarius gambling luck.

I have changed my blog layout and color theme.
I looks very beautiful and I love it very much.
The picture on the top was done by me with my copyrighted email shown there.
Even though the combination of G-dragon pictures were not very professional but I still love my simple work.
Hopefully no one passed by my blog to copy it away.
Cheers to the new look.


Just now went to Kelvin house for card games. Usually, it was my parents who went there to play. We actually went there to give new year greeting but ended up gambling for leisure. Today they got me involved by teaching me how to play card games. In the end I win $4 plus plus. This is not the exact value because due to that I am a beginner, when I lose they did not take my money. When I win, they give me money. Thanks to them, I survived the game by winning some money.

Actually I am able to win more money maybe but two of the aunties quarelled because of some small matter. All because of some rough talking and they ended up unhappy. Hope they can resume to the past friendship so that I can go to their home for more card games and win more money. YEAH~

My horoscope is indeed accurate as it say that sagittarius are good in gambling as they will have very good fortune. :)

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