Sunday, February 01, 2009

My G-dragon~~~

First day of February and still jobless. :(

The video shown above was about my favourite G-dragon. He sang well live, good stage charisma and a gentlemen too. The video starting from 3.18 whereby he walk to another end and throw his jacket and walk back. The way he walk is so cool and charming. He is just so perfect for some fashion catwalk. The way he rap was also extremely cool and powerful. Just by watching him through videos, my heart was already pumping very fast.

Further more in this video, I am so envy of the girl who had skinship with him. I think many fans gonna kill her when met. He is the type of guy that most girls are looking for. He is Leo and I am sagittarius which is a perfect match. HAAHAHAH~

G-dragon was so charmingggggggg~~~~~~~ AHHHHHHHHHHHHH~
Going insane over him~ AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~

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