Friday, January 16, 2009

DIY Korean Keyboard

The end product of my DIY Korean Keyboard. Beautiful~

Today skipped school because I am lazy to meet WanNing to do up my Korean keyboard. I went to library first and then to Tampines interchange to meet WanNing.

After meeting up with WanNing, we went to Popular first thinking that foodcourt will be flooded with people and so we thought of having packed lunch. When Popular to buy small round black stickers to make my Korean keyboard.

After that we went home to make my Korean keyboard. The process was very simple but tiring, but overall the result was excellent. WanNing helped a lot too and part of the credit goes to her. Thanks WanNing~

Oh ya, something cool happened too. Only until today then I know that a computer can sign in to two msn account. So cool and convenient if I have two msn account. HAHs.

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