Thursday, January 22, 2009

Refused to believe!

(Pictures of them being seen in Kangnam, Seoul)

Pictures extracted from:

I am feeling a little sour in my heart after hearing that Se7en seem to be dating with Park Han Byul. I am so jealous. How I wish Se7en is my brother so that I can see him everyday. I missed Se7en a lot, I missed his stunting dances and moves, his stage charm, his beautiful vocal and his everything. He was now in American preparing his English album. He was still as hot as before as seen form the tabloid news.

Recently I am so crazy with 'Untouchable' album. Their rap was so cool and their songs were all very nice and cool. It was a pity that they could not sing and they featured other singers and asked them to help them sing while they rapped. I hope they are able to handle both singing and rapping just like talented G-Dragon. I am looking forward to G-Dragon solo album. :)

'Flowers before boys' was also a killer. In my own opinion, I think Korean Goo Joo Pyon is much more handsome than the one in Taiwan and Japan. Further more, the other members were also much more nice looking than the ones in Taiwan and Japan. Korean guys and Korea is a killer to me. Hahs. I am definitely looking forward to my first Korean trip in future. Aja Fighting!

Hopefully I am able to marry a Korean guy too, and that make it that my child is a Kor-Sin. Hehes.

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