Saturday, February 21, 2009

Jamie 1 year old birthday~

Cute isn't it??? I have never seen Porcupine full face and body... Now finally I got to see it. So this is how you look like huh~ HAHHAAH~

Happy birthday Jamie~
She is my relative daughter who will be turning 1 year old on 23 February 2009. Today their family had an early birthday party for her on weekend since 23 February falls on weekday. It wil be inconvience for those who are working. So thoughtful of them~

She is a Pisces. I do not have friend who is a Pisces. I am going to observe her personality and see if the horoscope was accurate about how Pisces behave. :)

Ever since a lot of people reached for her birthday, she had been feeling a bit down. Her expression was like there were a lot of question marks on her head. She must be wondering that her birthday was on 23 February but why do they held it today? Hahha~

Jamie was cute and looked almost like her Mum but I don't not took any pictures of her. Such a pity~ Maybe in the next future...

Oh ya, I just got a tutoring job a week ago. It was tutoring a primary 2 student for mathematics. It was quite hard to teach them because they seem to be a bit blur. Yoges told me that they are like that so just get use to it.

I had to keep prompting them wheather do they understand a not. Sometimes even though she did not understand she still say she understand. =.= Therefore I had to ask the student to explain to me what she was writing and why did she wrote this instead of that. A bit troublesome isn't it.

Overall I think I think it was a great experience for me. I willing to accept more challenges so whoever need tuition for nursery to secondary 2 mathematics and science, nursery to primary 3 english, you may hire me for my tuition services. Do leave me an comment with your email and I will get back to you shortly. :)

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